Thursday, June 14, 2012

Future Fathers

Father's Day is right around the corner and in thinking about what I should post to recognize everything they do, it occurred to me that I am raising two future fathers.

I feel like raising boys is a responsibility that I should not take lightly. Not only do I want to raise them to be good people who love God and will make a positive difference in this crazy world, I am acutely aware that I am raising boys who will someday become men.

A lot of emphasis seems to made about raising girls to be strong, confident, independent women. This makes sense, but I honestly believe that boys aren't raised in that same steadfast fashion, and I think that is a huge oversight.

My prayer for my boys is that they will grow up to be as respectful, loving, emotional, kind, generous - the list can go on - as their father. (Needless to say, I count myself lucky to have a husband who is all of these things and more.)

Respect, especially toward women, is a very important attribute that I want to instill in my boys. My husband whole heartedly agrees, but rolls his eyes a little at this pet peeve of mine; the phrase, "throws like a girl", is not allowed in my house. I will be the mom playing catch with her boys in the backyard, or catching for them while they practice pitching, thank you very much!

All kidding aside, it really is my heart's desire to raise these boys to be good men, and someday, excellent fathers.

Here's to hoping that I don't make them think that women are crazy along the way!

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